The Buy Nothing Project Mission & Rules
We offer people a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of hyper-local gift economies in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbours.
Participate as yourself
You must use your personal Facebook account, and not an account with a business name. Pursuant to our other rules, you may only join one group, the group where you live – not where you work, where you volunteer, where your place of worship is located, or where you “hang out” most often.
Keep it legal
Don’t offer or request anything illegal. Follow all national, regional, and local laws, as well as Facebook’s Community Guidelines and list of Regulated (prohibited) Goods.
Keep it civil
Incivility, cruelty, insults, slurs, or hate speech will not be tolerated in our groups. Each group is open to every adult living within that group’s boundaries. We have no requirements about philosophy, politics, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, class, beliefs, or values.
All members participate at their own risk
All members must be adults. The Buy Nothing Project, Founders, and Administrators accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, illness or injury, or legal liability that may arise from any member’s participation in our groups.
Respect your neighbours
Respect your neighbours, their privacy, and their property. Do not take anything from your neighbour’s property without specific permission. Only send a private message to another group member when they’ve asked you to. Integrity, honesty, and trust are required for this gift economy to flourish.
Give freely
We do not permit trading, bartering, buying, or selling within our groups. Keep in mind that all gifts here must be given without any strings attached, and without any expectation of reward other than the joy of giving. Also remember that there is no limit to gifting or receiving in our groups.
Give from your own abundance
We know that you want to help, but resist the urge to post referrals or recommendations of any kind, such as referrals or recommendations to outside organisations (even charitable ones), local businesses or service providers, or suggestions as to where a neighbour can buy or find something.
Buy (and sell) nothing
This is not the place to post anything related to the market economy, including marketing or advertising, items for sale or rent, requests for items you’d like to buy or rent, items you wish to barter, trade or exchange, employment posts, or real estate posts.
Ask and give creatively
Our focus is on freely gifted goods and services. This does not include requests or offers for monetary assistance, including requests for loans, cash or donations (for yourself or anyone else). Instead of asking for the money to buy what you need, simply ask for what you need.