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A place for neighbours to help neighbours.

Reusing & upcycling is made easy with a straightforward donation and location based platform. Empower your community by sharing gifts with neighbours using Gifty.
Help the environmentWant to help protect the planet? Reuse and upcycle easily to reduce the amount of items going to the landfill. You can do your part to protect the earth for your community with giving and taking!
Declutter your homeIs your house a bit of a mess? Clear your home of unneeded clutter quickly and easily with the help of Gifty. Give your unwanted items away to allow other neighbours to enjoy!
Share over the yearsAre your kids getting older? Over time, your family grows out of old clothes, toys, and other items. Keep a clean home and help other neighbouring families by giving today.
Get as you growDo you have a growing family? Children's items can be too expensive and complicated to buy. Avoid breaking the bank and let your kids get what they need with gifts from your neighbours.
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